Friday, 20 July 2018

How to stay positive

I know positivity is a word that floats around a lot and we all have our own views on it. We can all see positivity in different ways but I wanted to share with you how I stay positive even when times are really tough( and I know we all have them times.) Yes we do need to try and see happiness and good in most situations in order to live a happier, more fulfilling life, but what sometimes some people don't realise is that being positive 24/7 can drain you. You have to let yourself have them moments where you can cry and just rant if you need to. Otherwise you are going to hold it all in and you won't be able to realise the bad energy. I always think you do what you need to do in order for tomorrow to be a brighter, happier day.

Control your self doubt.
Stop putting energy into wishing your life was any different, into wishing bad things didn't happen, instead focus 100% on what you have. I want you to ask yourself 'When was the last time I let self doubt get in my way? When did I let my mind take control of my actions? Were you happy with the results?' Self doubt has a way of getting under you skin. it will take over your body if you can't control it. It destroys the mind, soul and the heart, we all have those inner voices inside our heads that tell us we are not good enough, not strong enough and incapable of doing the things we dream of. Often, these feelings of weakness or incompetence stem from childhood and become ingrained in our very being. There is so many ways to get rid of self doubt but the main thing is to live in the present. Most of the time we reflect on previous memories and experiences that results in self doubt, but if we were to focus on the now you can move forwards.

Looking beyond the negative.
This might be the thing that is holding you back. We spend way too long focusing on the bad stuff, worrying and stressing. I am telling you now there is so much more to life than that! Albert Einstein once said  “Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.” No matter how much you try to fix someone sometimes the problem can be unfix-able, the rejection you may get shows their aren't willing to develop as a person and you are better off without them. Yes we all have bad times, we all have them moments when we need to just cry but what is important is that you can move on from it, any bad or negative situation you need to be able to let go of it and not live your life in the past. 

Remember why you started.

Ever felt like quitting? What about when you fail, how does it make you feel?

Having that feeling of giving up and surrendering is ok but what you need to make sure you do is not allow yourself to give in. The best way to remind yourself not to give up is remembering why you started, remembering that every bit of pain you have ever felt is worth it because it's built you up and made you stronger. There is a quote that I love that Chris Burkmenn said "If you can remember why you started, then you will know why you must continue.” 
Just reminding yourself of the reasons you started your journey will help you to regain them positive, inspiring thoughts and remind yourself why you wanted this. If you keep the reasons for your goals fresh on your mind, they will help keep you motivated when you feel like quitting. Keep your mind focused on the reasons that you started. Keep your mind focused on the benefits of continuing.

Believe everything happens for a reason

I have always believed in this and that you are where you are meant to be. You might not always end up where you thought you were going to, but you will end up where you are meant to be. I believe whatever you experience it happens for a reason whether it be heartbreak, pain, happiness or love it happens so you can learn a valuable lesson from it. You may not always understand straight away but when you look back in a few years you will realise why you had to experience certain things in order to live the life you live.
You can’t have the pleasure of success without suffering through the pain of defeat. Even when these are tragedies outside of our control, there is a reason for them. The reason we have to experience things like heartbreak, lose and disappointment is because it prepares us for life. You life is a journey and everyday you will progress, nobody because something overnight it takes work and that's why we have to experience all these different emotions to prepare us.


Now people get the wrong impression of meditation, they think it's women in yoga pants, legs crossed and making random sounds. But there is a deeper meaning to it, a deeper understanding. Yes meditation will make you feel less stressed, it will make you feel more creative and more positive, more focused. I can't deny that I experience this when I meditate , however it isn't like this at first. Most of you might think when you first meditate you will instantly feel like a different person, well it isn't always that easy. I can remember when I had my first meditation class back in secondary school and at first I felt confused on how I felt, like I think after my first session I expected to instantly feel uplifted and more happy but I didn't really know what to think. Meditation comes with practice, it is a skill that you will only be able to do when you have really learnt to understand the meaning behind it, and what a lot of people don't know if that the first thing Monk's are taught in their meditation classes is how to breathe. Now breathing is key! So yes meditation will make you feel more positive but remember it's a skill so it will come with practice and hard work.

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