Friday, 25 May 2018

Skincare I couldn't live without

Why Arbonne? 

Arbonne is a health, wellness and beauty company, it's been around for nearly 40 years. It was established in America by the founder Petter Morck, and all the products are high premium with a Swiss heritage. It's all botanically based ,pure, safe,  vegan, animal cruelty free and doesn't contain any animal by products. The products get sent away to New York to to be blind tested and always come out on top against all other leading brands. All the products formulate without all nasties including parabons, mineral oil etc.. If you do suffer with spots or oily skin this is probably because you are using products that contain mineral oil. This is an online business , it's nearly all done with using wifi! You don't go round selling products, knocking on doors, it's all done through your online website. As a company we are in 7 different countries: United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Poland, Australia , New Zealand, Taiwan and this year we will be going into Germany. A lot of celebrities tend to use Arbonne products as they are ultra premium, the good thing is with this they aren't being paid to advertise it, as a company Arbonne doesn't pay for advertisement, so you know that they really do love the products.

I couldn't live without any of these products! They are my top skincare products and have completely transformed my skin.

RE9 Advanced Prepwork Gel Eye Masks

When these were released last month I was so excited to try them and get my hands on them! They are smoothing, cooling and hydrate eyes in the space of 10-15 minutes. The reason I love these is they soften baby lines around the eyes and gets rid of puffy eyes. Like I can remember the first time I used them I hadn't had much sleep and I had to get up early and leave the house straight away. i mean who wants to go out the house looking tired and dark circles under their eyes. I put the eye gels under my eyes for 15 minutes while I got ready and after that I felt so fresh and looked like I had 8 hours sleep ( even though I didn't.)

TOP TIP: Put them in the fridge! WOW!!! 

Genius Nightly Resurfacing Pads

These are a game changer! Like if I had any blemishes or redness on my face within a few days they would hardly be visible. All you have to do is pour the solution on to the pads and you are sorted! I absolutely love using them on an evening before I go to bed as they gently exfoliate you skin and brighten up your face.

Calm Gentle Daily Cleanser

This is my go to for removing me makeup. I will use this first as it washes away makeup, dirt and any oil on the face. It hydrates your skin too which I love! I found when I was having to wear alot of makeup for shows and my makeup would be on my face for hours my skin wasn't in the best state and it just felt so dry and I would get blemish too. However when I started using this it cleared my face up loads and was so calming on my skin( considering it's not even the clear future range.)

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra 

This little device is unbelievable! It emits approximately 300,000 waves per second to help apply Arbonne skincare products more effectively including serums, eye creams and lip treatment . There is also a timer on it and the device will shut off after one minute to help you precisely time treatment sections. This combined with the Intelligence oil is a must.

 I think it is so important to look after your skin from a young age, do your morning and evening rountie spend money on the best of the best products if you know you will benefit from them. I knew straight after trying Arbonne skincare for the first time I wouldn't have the need to go and try anything else. The biggest thing I love about the Arbonne products is because they don't contain the toxins the product goes further as you don't need to use alot of it.


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