Thursday, 8 March 2018

Isn't it suppose to be Spring?

I can't believe how much snow we have had this year and at the end of last year, I just want the warm weather now, all the pretty flowers, little lambs!. I love the fact there is extra hours of daylight which increases the length of your days. It means I can actually get up early and go running in the morning or go for long walks in the evening. I do love wearing a gorgeous winter coat like the pink one I am wearing but I just can't wait to be in spring/summer attire. Spring is a new beginning, it gives you a chance to start fresh you can't blame not exercising on the weather because the days start to get more dry and warmer ( I hope.)

I thought I would get some pictures when we had all that snow last week. I couldn't believe how cold the weather actually was. I just can't wait for the warm weather now. Definitely in need of some sun.

I was sensible for once with my outfit choice and actually wrapped up so I wouldn't be cold. Usually you would find me wearing a dress but there was no way that was happening. Jeans were needed. So I am wearing my Hugo Boss coat which I got quite a while ago so they don’t sell it anymore but I am sure they do one that’s very similar . In weather like we had this coat is my go to coat, it keeps me so warm and cosy, plus I can still stay chic. I love the way this Ted baker fur stole compliments the outfit it's such a nice pop of colour along with the navy bag. 

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Coat- Hugo Boss
Jeans- French Connection
Boots- Dune
Fur Stole- Ted Baker
Bag- Dune
Beret- Asos


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