Thursday, 15 February 2018

Bag Essentials

So I have a few essentials that I must have in my every day to day bag. Obviously it does depend on where I am going, the weather and how big my bag is, but this would be for a medium sized bag just like the Kate Spade one above. 

I hate clutter so after every day I will clear out my bag , put everything away and put it back in my wardrobe- an organised bag is definitely a must. I think it''s pretty obvious how much I love Kate Spade but I just find their bags very spacious and great for everyday use.

My makeup bag
Another extremely important item! I am sure you wouldnt want to be in a situation where you have no gloss at all! In my makeup bag I will always make sure I have a mirror so I can reply any makeup or check my hair, then just some powder, lip products and some mascara, AND HAND CREAM!  I will keep some plasters in here too because my shoes always rub me( shoes always hurt me.) 

The purse I am using at the moment is my Kate Spade Cameron Street Stacey, however recently I have been using my coin purses as they have been suiting my lifestyle. It all depends on what your doing really. I can still fit my cards in the coin purse, some cash and any vouchers I need to is just a great size for a  smaller bag. 

Portable Charger
I would be lost without this. I am on my phone so much whether it’s replying to emails, instagram or writing blog posts. The battery runs downs so quickly so by carrying around this small portable charger I will never be without a fully chargered phone. Don’t get caught out. 

I am forever writing things down in my notebooks, whether it’s what I have eaten, my gratitude lists, planning what I need to do or blog post plans. I will always make sure I plan ahead and have a clear outline of what I want to achieve . So that’s why this notebook is with me. Usually after college I will tend to plan some blog posts and my content or when I’m travelling home, it’s such a great way of visualing what you want.

This doesn’t leave my side. It’s with me every bit if the day. Staying organised is definitely a must for me. I can write down any keys dates. I know some people just tend to write down what they need to remember on their phone, but I just love the idea of using a planner and decorating  it monthly. 

I usually stick a bottle of Victoria Secret spray in my bag or a small bottle of perfume just so when I am out I can freshen myself up and stay smelling lush all day long. 

Hand gel
THIS IS A MUST!! I can’t stand touching things and knowing I have so many germs on my hands! I am constantly squirting it on my hands! 

You always need then.

I never want to be in the situation where I regret not taking my camera out with me and miss an amazing photo opportunity! I mean it’s just not the same on your phone is it?! 

Staying hydrated is key. Carrying a small bottle of water in your bag will do you justice, there isn’t always a shop around to grab some water. Think ahead.

Comb and hairbrush
Obviously I need to keep my hair tidy?

I mean it really does depend on what on what I am doing that day, and if I know it’s going to be a nice day I will just pop a pair of sunglasses in my bag,or my fan, or if I know I am travelling somewhere I will put my headphones in too. I just plan it day by day, but this is my key essentials for making sure my day never goes wrong! 

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