Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Falling in love with my life

To be able to live a happy life you have got to love your life. I have said this before about loving yourself. It doesn’t just happen overnight, you aren’t born with the attitude to love your life. You have to learn how to create the life you want. Two years ago I realised I wasn’t happy within my life , so I decided to make a change. I wanted to understand what made me happy and could I experience enjoyment in everything I did. I worked on myself for quite a while and trying to work out what made me happy and what I got a buzz off. After taking the time to reflect on how experiences made me feel I can now say I know myself and have a clear understanding of what I want.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Skincare I couldn't live without

Why Arbonne? 

Arbonne is a health, wellness and beauty company, it's been around for nearly 40 years. It was established in America by the founder Petter Morck, and all the products are high premium with a Swiss heritage. It's all botanically based ,pure, safe,  vegan, animal cruelty free and doesn't contain any animal by products. The products get sent away to New York to to be blind tested and always come out on top against all other leading brands. All the products formulate without all nasties including parabons, mineral oil etc.. If you do suffer with spots or oily skin this is probably because you are using products that contain mineral oil. This is an online business , it's nearly all done with using wifi! You don't go round selling products, knocking on doors, it's all done through your online website. As a company we are in 7 different countries: United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Poland, Australia , New Zealand, Taiwan and this year we will be going into Germany. A lot of celebrities tend to use Arbonne products as they are ultra premium, the good thing is with this they aren't being paid to advertise it, as a company Arbonne doesn't pay for advertisement, so you know that they really do love the products.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Going to Greece for 3 months!

I didn't think this blog post would be being posted in May.

Hmmmm...Maybe I will just start from the beginning. 

So at the beginning of March I decided I was going to go Greece for 3 months, now this was quite a big deal for me because I had never been abroad on my own. Never on an airplane alone so it was quite scary. Also I like to be at home I have a very strong relationship with my family and knowing I wouldn't see them for 3 months was going to be different( especially pops) but I knew I wanted to do this for myself. I had a job over there doing Musical Theatre, so I thought to myself I could do this and travel. I knew deep down if I didn't go and do it there and then I never would be I would then start my own business. So I flew out to Greece, I mean that was a huge deal flying on my own and then when I got the airport in Greece I couldn't find me luggage which was a panic. 
I arrived in Greece and from the start nothing seemed to be going right. My hotel wasn't ready so I was put into some apartments but the problem I had was I honestly had no idea where I was. The town I was in was full of Greek residents so they all spoke very poor English, I was so overwhelmed with everything that was going on and all I wanted to do was cry! 


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Learning to live a happier life

Every day now I wake up feeling happy, motivated and ready to take on the day ahead of me. Sometimes I might not feel 100% happy like the day before but that's ok. I try my best to over come it and feel more positive. Probably a few years ago I would wake up feeling quite negative towards everything , dread getting up in the morning. Since realising what makes me happy and what doesn't I have altered what I surround myself with.


Friday, 30 March 2018

What Is Arbonne?

Arbonne Transforms lives through pure, botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested products; a pure, healthy lifestyle; and the pure joy of helping others.  

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Gluten Free Chocolate Banana Bread

Raise your hand if you struggle with ideas for breakfast or a mid- morning snack? ME!!!!!
I brought Lucy Watson's ' Feed me Vegan' book, so this recipe is inspired by her!. This is a great recipe for on the go, you know if you don't have time to make anything from scratch. This bread loaf will last a few days in the fridge so don't feel like you need to throw it away or eat it all at once, and then I decided to slice it all up and freeze it. 


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Isn't it suppose to be Spring?

I can't believe how much snow we have had this year and at the end of last year, I just want the warm weather now, all the pretty flowers, little lambs!. I love the fact there is extra hours of daylight which increases the length of your days. It means I can actually get up early and go running in the morning or go for long walks in the evening. I do love wearing a gorgeous winter coat like the pink one I am wearing but I just can't wait to be in spring/summer attire. Spring is a new beginning, it gives you a chance to start fresh you can't blame not exercising on the weather because the days start to get more dry and warmer ( I hope.)


Thursday, 1 March 2018

What I've learnt about love and friendships

You will definitely have different friends for all sorts of reasons, friends that fit certain categories. I don’t just have one group of friends but friends I’ve met through all different sorts of things. Like my blogging friends, online friends, Arbonne friends , college friends. Within your friendships you will realise that some friends are great for making you laugh , some give amazing advice and then some friends who are definitely the one’s you go shopping with. 
 'Let go of the people and things that don’t serve a purpose in your life.'


Thursday, 22 February 2018

Morning Motivation

It’s great waking up and the sun being out, what a great start to your day, however when it’s dull and miserable I know it might be hard to want to get out of bed in the morning but you have got to want to, you need that motivation. Getting out of bed in the morning shouldn't be a chore you should feel excited for the day ahead of you! Here are some ways that help me stay motivated in the morning.

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